Do the Effects of Pumping with the Booty-Beauty breast pump last?

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One common question we often get ask about vacuum breast pumps like the Booty Beauty breast pump is “do the effects last?”.

It’s a valid question, and whilst most vacuum systems aren’t tremendously expensive you still don’t want to spend money on something which doesn’t work.

If you are not familiar with the Booty-Beauty breast pumps let me give you a quick run-down.

The Booty Beauty breast pump is a suction device which when used increases oxygen and blood flow to the breasts, which in turn stimulates new tissue growth. It’s known as “tension induced tissue growth” and is the same principle which applies when people stretch earlobes and other piercings, as well as the “tissue expanders” sometimes used by Doctors during breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery.

The Booty Beauty breast cup kit comprises two breast cups, some clear latex tubing and a sturdy hand pump. The cups are made out of polycarbonate with is extremely tough and won’t crack like some of the cheaper systems do.

To use the device you attach both cups to the pump with the supplied hoses and adapters. Then apply some of the supplied cream (or moisturiser will do) to your skin where the cups will make contact (this ensures a good seal).

Then place a cup over each breast and gently pump. You will get to a point where you can feel the suction and it’s best to proceed gently, especially at the start. Your breasts will get used to the expansion over time and you should find you can go bigger with practice. Patience is key though and take it slow, let your body adapt. Once you feel like you’re used to the current pressure you can give the pump another squeeze and increase it slightly.

The first time you pump with the Booty-beauty breast cups you will see some initial swelling of your breasts, but this will probably fade within a few hours.  That’s normal. I know waiting can be frustrating but this doesn’t happen overnight. You need to continue to use the system over a period of weeks to start seeing permanent results.

Ideally you should pump once a day for about 30 mins (or a minimum 5 days in the week) and over time you will start to notice that the swelling becomes permanent.

The pumping process can be a little inconvenient, but it’s best to do something like watch tv so you’re not trying to do things while you’ve got the cups attached. 30 mins pumping is only about the length of a short TV episode so it can be quite a nice “chillout” time if you can work it into your daily routine.

Before considering a breast pump you should know that naturally increasing your breast size with this method will take time, but it can be a fun and rewarding journey, and vs the cost, risk and downtime from surgical alternatives I think it’s still quite a reasonable proposition.

So as mentioned above after using the Booty-Beauty breast pump for a few sessions swelling is immediate but then goes back down, but if you are consistent with your pumping your results will become permanent because you are stimulating new tissue growth. You should begin to see lasting results after about six weeks, obviously the longer they use the product the better the results become.

Please note – your results may vary!

The reason being is this has a lot to do with skin texture some women have very soft skin that expands with ease, others do not, some women can get away with pumping once a day for 20 minutes while other have to pump twice a day for longer periods of time.



There are additional products for women who may struggle a bit more with results, for example airlock breast cups for women who require longer pumping sessions. When using the airlock, you pump up to your desired pressure and then you can detach the pump (whilst maintaining pressure) which makes the system more convenient to use over a longer period of time, and can make it easier to do other things while “pumping”.


So does it work?

Basically – yes. The caveat there is that like any tissue expansion therapy it does take time for new tissue to grow but once it has its there to stay.

The key thing is to proceed gently (don’t overpump) and stay with it – pump every day if you can. A quick search online and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of testimonials from women who have had success with this type of system. The thing they have in common is that they persisted with it!.

Using the Booty-Beauty breast system is a safe alternative to breast surgery and can offer long lasting benefits to any woman looking for a natural way to increase the size of her breasts.

You can buy the Booty-Beauty breast cups vacuum enhancement system HERE

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